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        Support Catheter for peripheral intervention
        PlutusTM Support Catheter is intended for use in small peripheral vessel or super selective anatomy for diagnostic and interventional procedures.
          • Features
            Hydrophilic Coating
            400mm hydrophilic coating on the distal ensures great crossability.
          • 02
            PTFE Liner
            Lubricious and durable PTFE inner liner for smooth placement of instrument.
          • 03
            Radiopaque Markers
            Radiopaque Markers at the tip and at 50, 100, 150mm, facilitates accurate assessment of position and intraluminal measurement.
          • 04
            Full-length Braided Shaft
            Full-length braided shaft provides great torque control and optimal push transition from proximal shaft to distal tip.
          • 05
            Special Hardness Variation
            Special designed segments with hardness variation promotes catheter’s performance in the procedures.
            The strong proximal shaft provides superb pushability andtorqueability while the flexible distal shaft allows an outstanding crossability for tortuous anatomy.


        • Diameter(mm)
          2.3F, 2.6F, 4.0F
        • Usable Length(mm)
          650, 900, 1350, 1500
        • Wire Compatibility(inch)
        • Hydrophilic Coating(mm)
          400mm distally
        • Markers
          4 markers
        • Tip Shape
          Straight and angled tip
        CE, CFDA approval
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